Monday, June 3, 2013

It's been awhile...part 1

I'm trying to squeeze a whole bunch into this post.  1. Because it's been a coon's age since I've posted (whoops! life got in the way I guess) 2. Billy is down for his nap and that leaves me with a small window of opportunity to do something for myself....continuing on...

Good golly miss molly.  I just looked back and saw that my last post was April 23.  Woah.
In April I went with some amazing teacher friends to the IRA conference in San Antonio.  Let's just say I was like a kid in a candy store.  The expo had all things amazing for teaching reading (my heart's desire) and AMAZING classes.  I also went a little star struck over a few of my favorite reading and teaching gurus.  I met Debbie Silver and had her sign my book (she came to K-town a few years ago so my obsession with all things D.S. has been growing ever since).  I also saw Debbie Diller. I sat through one of her sessions and couldn't write down all the amazing info fast enough.  I'm pretty sure my head was about to explode!  I got to see the author of the pigeon books and the author of the The Lightening Thief.  Cool beans.  Sasha and I also found an amazing writing program for K-5, and it's cheap!  As for the rest of the trip and my fun girl times we ate, took in San Antonio culture and had lots of laughs.  We even saw some fun San Antonians.  We were there for the kick off of Fiesta!  (Big deal, and BIG party apparently.)  Here are a few pics from the fun times.

I was clearly very excited about the trip.
Meet my new friend, Shasha. :) Poor girl.  They never spell it right.
Riverboat tour, a must!
My new friend that bit me! Ouch!
Fun times at dinner.
Rocking that chevron all over the place!  I love these dresses sooo much!
Morning general session.  We were so early we had to wait to be seated, and we all had time for coffee! Score!

I geeked out over these two.  It was almost embarrassing.  Almost.
We found these fun girls in our hotel lobby. 
They really know how to do an 80's themed bachelorette party!
And last but most certainly not least.  This next little gem still brings me to tears.  This poor girl had a little to much Fiesta!  We found her snoring, passed out in the hotel lobby bathroom.  Like the kind, sweet, caring, good hearted teachers/human beings we are, we took several pictures of her predicament before we went for help.  We're sweet like that!  Enjoy this last one!
I think the PSA here is don't drink and pee.  Maybe.
Part 2 of catch up tomorrow!
I'm out!
Mrs. T


  1. Hahaha, that last picture is PRICELESS!

  2. We were laughing about something when we entered the bathroom and were just chatting it up when I heard her. I told Sasha to hold her breath (weird I should have said hang on, or shhhh, but no) so we could listen. That chick was out. Snoring like she was in the deepest sleep of her life. It was by far the funniest part of the trip!

  3. Hey there!! Just got your sweet blog comment!! Thank you..... I'm obsessed and madly in love with my chalk board STILL.... a year and a half later! :) I actually found the old, huge frame at Good Will for $30! Made it into a chalkboard the rest was history! ;) And, can I just say that this photo of the chick passed out in the restroom MADE MY WEEK. Seriously, people.... we all have limits (and mine is just before getting to the "I'm capable of passing out in a public bathroom" point)! Hahah!!!!!

    So glad you found my blog and said hello!! You should join the "five on friday" link-up tomorrow!! I love that it's so easy ---- makes for a nice little Friday!