Wednesday, July 31, 2013

So what...

So what Wednesday!

So what...
  • If this is my first post in 12 days.  I needed a break? I was busy?  Not quite sure.  But SO WHAT!
  • If my house is messy.  At least Billy is having a blast.
  • If school starts in two weeks and I'm freaking out.  I freak out every year. 
  • If I'm currently watching SATC the movie for the zillionth time. 
  • If my weight is going up instead of down.  I'm gaining muscle.  Right?  I'm freaking out about this too so I'm breaking up with the scale for August.  Done.
  • If I went to a jewelry party last night and found almost $200 in MUST haves.  I only spent $30.  Victory!
  • If I haven't had a pedicure all summer and have been sporting sandals/flip flops the whole time.
  • If I'm signing up for a half marathon by myself.  I don't NEED someone to run with me.  Or do I?
Well there it is.  So what?!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Five on Friday!

Hey y'all!  I'm linking up with Darci for another installment of Five on Friday!  I love this link up and I just love Darci's blog, The Good Life.  Please do yourself a favor and check out her little family, fabulous style, and all her sweetness.

Now on to the goodies.

I'm so excited to meet some of my favorite bloggers tonight.  I'm nervous about it too.  It feels a little awkward because I know so much about them from their blogs and they know next to nothing about me.  I'm sure it will be a fun time!  How could it not be with Holly, Becka, Brandi, and Megan?!  Weird.  I just called them by their REAL names!
My son needs an iPad intervention.  He LOVES to watch Netflix.  His favorites are Curious George and Thomas and Friends. I know watching it constantly is not good for him.  So I need to stage an intervention.  I truly think this is more for me than for him.  I guess I should just set a time limit, and when it's over, it's over.  Power through the fit and toddler rage aftermath.  This will be fun.

My sister sent me a picture of this necklace this morning.  Earlier in the week I sent her a picture of a Celtic symbol for a future tattoo.  We've been tossing around the sister tattoo idea for years.  I think we found a winner!  We also decided to have a sister anniversary day.  Our actual day would be her birthday since that was the technical first day we became sisters.  But it would be no fun to steal the thunder from her special day.  So we picked a day between our half birthdays (our birthdays are a week apart)  April 28 is the day!  I think it's a fun idea to celebrate each other!

I've been working hard to get my new classroom ready.  I'm so pleased with how it's turning out.  I'll have to do an entire post on it later.  Here is a preview of what I did yesterday.

I took full advantage of Billy starting daycare.  I've been able to work, uninterrupted, in my classroom and have some much needed "me" time.  This is something I did just for myself this week.  I found a nail salon that does nexgen nails and I'm sold!  Odorless, light, fast, and beautiful.  Thanks for the tip Mama Laughlin and Skinny Meg!

Join the fun!  What's your Five on Friday?  How do you celebrate your siblings? 
I'm out!
Mrs. T

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Finish the sentence...

Today I'm linking up with the fantastic blogging duo Jake and Holly.  Join in the fun!

If I had one extra hour in the day...I'd make sure it was calorie free, as in all calories consumed were free and didn't count, and I would sprawl across my couch and eat every single chocolate chip cake cookie that I baked last night while watching my latest TV addiction.

I wish my name...wasn't one of the most popular baby names in the early 80's.  I have SIX friends named Amy.
I think anything chevron is...fabulous! Dresses! Cups! Pens! File Folders! Curtains! Notepads! Yikes...this could be a problem.
My last nightmare...was a nightmare in a nightmare.  You know, like a dream in a dream.  It involved chasing, a break-in, and something along the lines of Paranormial Activity.  Not cool.
Sometimes...I like to lay on the livingroom floor and stare at the ceiling. Is that weird?
My last meal on earth would be...not cooked by me.  Seriously, I'm an awful cook.
I would much rather be wearing a rocking outfit on a bad day  than wearing an outfit I feel "blah" in on a good day. Take it or leave it.  I usually leave it.
10 years ago, I didn't think...I could possibly be patient enough for my adult life to begin.  I should've hung on to my youth a little longer.  Bills suck.
Selfishly...I would rather spend the "savings" money each month on new clothes/shoes/and spa days, but I won't this time.
My favorite show on TV right now...Pretty Wicked Moms, check that shizz out.
And, George Zimmerman...can't un-ring a bell and he and many others will have to live with the extremely poor choices of that day.
Enjoy your day!
I'm out!
Mrs. T

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The time I realized I'm just like my dad...

For years Bill has been telling me how much I'm like my dad.  I've never taken it as a compliment because he's always referring to the stubbornness and ocd-ness.  Qualities in my dad that have always driven me nuts.  So today I was starting to crank out another post about how to savor the small stuff like the cuteness that is my toddler and the occasional impromptu slow dances with my husband.  A few words in I started to go in another direction.  All of the sweet stuff I was talking about was being countered with talk of tantrums and dirty dishes and dirty socks everywhere.  About four sentences in it hit me, hard.

Oh my gosh I'm my dad.  I realized how crazy I truly am and how much I'm just like my dad. I used to hate some of the things my dad said to me when I was growing up.  I remember thinking to myself how utterly stupid it was to scream about shoes being in the living room floor.  I remember replying, "I'll take them to my room when I get up," and my dad saying, "I want them in your room now.  They're cluttering up the living room now.  When you have your own home you can leave your shoes wherever you wish."  I probably cursed him in my head, then let out a sigh and then slowly got up and went to my room, shoes in hand.

I always told myself certain things about what I was going to do and what I would be like when I was "grown up".  One thing I can never remember telling myself was that I'd be a crazy perfectionist about how I kept my house.  It's not that I enjoy housework.  I despise it actually and I wish I was smart enough to invent some form of technology that did it all for you.  Where are you little robot maid from the Jetson's??? This girl NEEDS you!  It just irritates me to no end that I'm the only person under our roof that picks up on the daily.  I don't want to dump on Bill.  He's awesome at so many things, but housework is not on that list.  I knew that when I married him and I love him just the same. 

I started thinking about other things that used to irritate me about my dad and realized I do every single one of them. 

Get frustrated over accidental spills---yep!
Want my house to look magazine perfect--yep!
Go from mildly annoyed to extremely pissed in .5sec---yep!

My dad has many qualities that are great and that I hope I take from him too. 
He's always made me feel safe, loved, and taken care of. 
He's been the best grandpa to Billy I could have ever asked for.
He's funny and easy to get along with.
He's a great protector too, almost too great.  Overly ;)

I just wish I could be more calm, cool, and collected about messiness.  I'll work on that.

Sorry if this was boring.  It just hit me and I had to share.

I'm out!
Mrs. T

Work it fancy equipment needed!

Today I'm linking up with SkinnyPregMeg to bring to you a HIIT workout that requires no fancy equipment.  All you need is a chair, you, and your tennis shoes.

This edition of Workout Wednesday is inspired by my sister and her awesome post baby bod.  I wish I had a recent picture of her to post, but I don't.  I even creeped her facebook for a recent shot and there's not one!  I'll sneak one of her soon.

Monday, Anna introduced me to a sweet little app.  She has a windows phone so I'm not sure if the app is iPhone friendly (what I have).   It's called 7 Minute Trainer.  You don't have to have the app to do it, but I will say that it's nice because the app lady tells you what move to do, when to start, when to rest, etc.  We never have to look at the timer or worry about what's next.

Basically you do each move for 30 seconds with a 10 second rest in between.  The link below the picture will give you a detailed description along with pictures for each move.  They suggest doing the entire circuit three times.  We did one circuit Monday, two yesterday, and plan to do three today.  Let me tell you, I'm sore!  We added this in with our other strength and cardio training.  I'm hoping it's just the boost I need to break through my plateau. 
I love this because it's quick, the moves are easy, and it really gets my heart rate up and gives me a good sweat.
We found out that it was better to do this at the beginning of our workout than at the end.  We had more energy and went harder yesterday when we did it at the beginning.
I hope you enjoy this!  Let me know what you think!
I'm out!
Mrs. T
P.S. What gets you through plateau? 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Move Over Monday!

Monday,'s raining over here in the heart of Oklahoma and I couldn't be happier.  I've missed the sound of a slow, steady shower.  This is so much better than the constant severe junk we were dealing with a few months ago. 

Since I've been in summer mode I've been slacking on my posts.  So let's all pretend it's Friday, I know you want to anyway, and join me for the Fit for Fall linkup!

A month ago I set out a few goals for myself to get fit for fall.  You can read that post here.  I will say that I've done AWESOME at continuing my workout plan.  I've kept up with all the weight training and even started training for a half marathon.  At this point I don't consider myself a runner.  I'm really trying to love it, but each run is so different.  Sometimes it's great and therapeutic.  Other times it's a struggle the entire time and I hate myself for being so slow and wanting to walk 99% of the time.  I'm proud of myself for sticking with it and for being stronger today than I was when I wrote my first Fit for Fall post.

I've really been stinking it up with MFP.  I've only tracked one meal.  I guess I'm just over it.  I have no clue.  I need to figure out a way to get motivated to track my food since I've been falling off the wagon.  I ate oreos this weekend, fast food, sweet tea, and more.  Yikes!  I think admitting it to y'all already helps.  Womp, womp. 

I also made a goal to see the 130s.  Yep.  That's not happened yet.  I have yet to see the 140s.  I hope to see 140s by August!

How are you guys doing on your fitness goals?  What are your hurdles?  What do you suggest I do to get back on track with my eating?

Happy Friday Monday!

I'm out!
Mrs. T

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My name is Amy, and I've been a slacker.

I've slacked off on blogging lately.  Our little family has been busy having fun in the sun and trying to get all our ducks in a row before school starts back in about a month....yikes! 

Update on Hubby...
Not much to say here.  He's still loving his job and working hard.  He's been heading up the house hunting department and completing home loan applications.  I'm SO glad he took that on.  Just the thought of it nearly sends me into full on panic/freak out/stressed out mode.

Update on Billy...
Billy has been swimming up a storm lately.  He's had several trips to the pool at our gym and took a dip in the lake last weekend.  Our scared boy has now become a water lover!  I'm so thankful to some friends of ours that introduced us to a new floaty/ life jacket.  It doesn't cram up around his neck and he feels confident, but not restricted when wearing it.  No more fits! Yes!  He also started a new daycare this week.  I like to call it his school since it's more formal than the home sitter we were using.  He's adjusting, I'm adjusting.  It's a process right?!  We miss Nonnie!!!

Update on me...
Workouts are staying consistent.  I am trying to plan ahead since that works best for me.  I like lists and I love to check off lists.  I planned out my workouts for the next several months on my calendar my mom gave me for Christmas.  So far it's working out great!  I finally took my measurements.  In 30 days I'll post on what they were and what they are.  If I get enough courage today I'll take my "before" picture so I can have an "after".  We all know how much we love pictures!  I said I was going to start tracking myself again on MFP but that has yet to happen.  WHY?! I have no idea.  I make good choices most of the time, but then a cheeseburger will call my name.  Dang you cheeseburger.

Now for some pictures of our time we were MIA...

I finally finished this book.  I was good/sad.  School shootings are terrible.  Even fictional ones.

When my mom came to visit we took Billy to the zoo.  He fell in the aquarium part and got rug burn on his cheek.  Poor kid.
My sister and I at a friend's wedding.
My new classroom pre-makeover. :)
4th of July Fun!

Enjoy this Wacky Wednesday!

I'm out!
Mrs. T