Tuesday, June 11, 2013

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Grab a box of tissues...

This post from Skinny Meg truly made me do the ugly cry this morning.  Please head over to her blog to read about Brady Bands and the story behind them.  It's worth your time I promise.


Weekend Recap
-Car show...Big thumbs up!  Bill and his dad won 2nd place in their class!  Whoop!
-Sunburn...Big thumbs down!  New sunscreen in on the Walmart list today.
-Sand bass...Big thumbs...sideways?  It was just, OK.  Food was food.  Greasy and full of fat.  Music was good.  Throwback to early 90's John Michael Montgomery.  Large crowds with little Billy are not my favorite.  Spending time with my man and my mom was great!
-Getting ditched...HUGE thumbs down!  I had plans with three friends and they all had stuff come up that was unavoidable and I completely understood, but they couldn't hang with me on Sunday.  I was way bummed. 
-Mom saved the day...HUGE thumbs up!  When I was slated to go paint all alone, that junk ain't cheap, my mom stepped in and cleared her afternoon for some painting fun and quality mother/daughter time.  It was fabulous!

All in all a great weekend filled with family and fun!  Even though it didn't go quite as initially planned.

Picture time!
The winners!  That's 3 Bills in one picture folks.  Take it all in!

My dad walking with Billy at the car show.  Precious!

My masterpiece!

My mom's masterpiece!  Check out her sweet apron.

Until next time...
I'm out!
Mrs. T

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