Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My name is Amy, and I've been a slacker.

I've slacked off on blogging lately.  Our little family has been busy having fun in the sun and trying to get all our ducks in a row before school starts back in about a month....yikes! 

Update on Hubby...
Not much to say here.  He's still loving his job and working hard.  He's been heading up the house hunting department and completing home loan applications.  I'm SO glad he took that on.  Just the thought of it nearly sends me into full on panic/freak out/stressed out mode.

Update on Billy...
Billy has been swimming up a storm lately.  He's had several trips to the pool at our gym and took a dip in the lake last weekend.  Our scared boy has now become a water lover!  I'm so thankful to some friends of ours that introduced us to a new floaty/ life jacket.  It doesn't cram up around his neck and he feels confident, but not restricted when wearing it.  No more fits! Yes!  He also started a new daycare this week.  I like to call it his school since it's more formal than the home sitter we were using.  He's adjusting, I'm adjusting.  It's a process right?!  We miss Nonnie!!!

Update on me...
Workouts are staying consistent.  I am trying to plan ahead since that works best for me.  I like lists and I love to check off lists.  I planned out my workouts for the next several months on my calendar my mom gave me for Christmas.  So far it's working out great!  I finally took my measurements.  In 30 days I'll post on what they were and what they are.  If I get enough courage today I'll take my "before" picture so I can have an "after".  We all know how much we love pictures!  I said I was going to start tracking myself again on MFP but that has yet to happen.  WHY?! I have no idea.  I make good choices most of the time, but then a cheeseburger will call my name.  Dang you cheeseburger.

Now for some pictures of our time we were MIA...

I finally finished this book.  I was good/sad.  School shootings are terrible.  Even fictional ones.

When my mom came to visit we took Billy to the zoo.  He fell in the aquarium part and got rug burn on his cheek.  Poor kid.
My sister and I at a friend's wedding.
My new classroom pre-makeover. :)
4th of July Fun!

Enjoy this Wacky Wednesday!

I'm out!
Mrs. T

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