Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The time I realized I'm just like my dad...

For years Bill has been telling me how much I'm like my dad.  I've never taken it as a compliment because he's always referring to the stubbornness and ocd-ness.  Qualities in my dad that have always driven me nuts.  So today I was starting to crank out another post about how to savor the small stuff like the cuteness that is my toddler and the occasional impromptu slow dances with my husband.  A few words in I started to go in another direction.  All of the sweet stuff I was talking about was being countered with talk of tantrums and dirty dishes and dirty socks everywhere.  About four sentences in it hit me, hard.

Oh my gosh I'm my dad.  I realized how crazy I truly am and how much I'm just like my dad. I used to hate some of the things my dad said to me when I was growing up.  I remember thinking to myself how utterly stupid it was to scream about shoes being in the living room floor.  I remember replying, "I'll take them to my room when I get up," and my dad saying, "I want them in your room now.  They're cluttering up the living room now.  When you have your own home you can leave your shoes wherever you wish."  I probably cursed him in my head, then let out a sigh and then slowly got up and went to my room, shoes in hand.

I always told myself certain things about what I was going to do and what I would be like when I was "grown up".  One thing I can never remember telling myself was that I'd be a crazy perfectionist about how I kept my house.  It's not that I enjoy housework.  I despise it actually and I wish I was smart enough to invent some form of technology that did it all for you.  Where are you little robot maid from the Jetson's??? This girl NEEDS you!  It just irritates me to no end that I'm the only person under our roof that picks up on the daily.  I don't want to dump on Bill.  He's awesome at so many things, but housework is not on that list.  I knew that when I married him and I love him just the same. 

I started thinking about other things that used to irritate me about my dad and realized I do every single one of them. 

Get frustrated over accidental spills---yep!
Want my house to look magazine perfect--yep!
Go from mildly annoyed to extremely pissed in .5sec---yep!

My dad has many qualities that are great and that I hope I take from him too. 
He's always made me feel safe, loved, and taken care of. 
He's been the best grandpa to Billy I could have ever asked for.
He's funny and easy to get along with.
He's a great protector too, almost too great.  Overly ;)

I just wish I could be more calm, cool, and collected about messiness.  I'll work on that.

Sorry if this was boring.  It just hit me and I had to share.

I'm out!
Mrs. T

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