Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Work it fancy equipment needed!

Today I'm linking up with SkinnyPregMeg to bring to you a HIIT workout that requires no fancy equipment.  All you need is a chair, you, and your tennis shoes.

This edition of Workout Wednesday is inspired by my sister and her awesome post baby bod.  I wish I had a recent picture of her to post, but I don't.  I even creeped her facebook for a recent shot and there's not one!  I'll sneak one of her soon.

Monday, Anna introduced me to a sweet little app.  She has a windows phone so I'm not sure if the app is iPhone friendly (what I have).   It's called 7 Minute Trainer.  You don't have to have the app to do it, but I will say that it's nice because the app lady tells you what move to do, when to start, when to rest, etc.  We never have to look at the timer or worry about what's next.

Basically you do each move for 30 seconds with a 10 second rest in between.  The link below the picture will give you a detailed description along with pictures for each move.  They suggest doing the entire circuit three times.  We did one circuit Monday, two yesterday, and plan to do three today.  Let me tell you, I'm sore!  We added this in with our other strength and cardio training.  I'm hoping it's just the boost I need to break through my plateau. 
I love this because it's quick, the moves are easy, and it really gets my heart rate up and gives me a good sweat.
We found out that it was better to do this at the beginning of our workout than at the end.  We had more energy and went harder yesterday when we did it at the beginning.
I hope you enjoy this!  Let me know what you think!
I'm out!
Mrs. T
P.S. What gets you through plateau? 


  1. Ok first of all, you know that I love a good new workout!! And I am definitely going to be saving this one to try!! Thank you for this!

    Second, I just wanted to thank you soooo, so much for your sweet words of encouragement from yesterday's post. It truly means more than you will ever know. I am so grateful for people like you, who are truly caring and are what makes me keep blogging! We will continue to pray that something will happen. As we know that it is truly up to Him!!

  2. Here from the link up! I love checking out a new app! totally going to try it. I like that the moves aren't super complicated. The fact that I can do it in 7 minutes is nice, too!