Tuesday, November 19, 2013

We're moving...again!

You read that right!  We're moving!  Our landlord called me on my birthday, October 26, to tell us that he'd sold our duplex and that we'd have to move...womp...womp.  Then he went on to say he had two places for us to look at, and that he wouldn't charge us rent for November AND December.  Score!  It makes the sting of moving seem a little less painful.

Yesterday Bill and I called all of the utility companies to have everything switched over for this weekend, the last weekend before we must be out.  For the most part each company was helpful and nice.  Some were just OK, and some wanted to charge us an arm and a leg to turn off service and then start new service.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  I understand that's how most of these places make their money, but come on.  We aren't moving across the state, we aren't even moving across the city, we're moving across the street.  Yes, folks, across the street.  So, we get to pay an extra $100 for our TV service, and extra $60 for our internet, an extra $25 for our water and an extra $35 for our gas.  I guess the not having to pay rent thing is coming in handy!  We'll just give it all to the utility companies!

Sorry...end of rant...

So after work yesterday I set a movie and snack up for Billy while I walked over our most prized possessions.  You know, my living room and kitchen decorations and all of my wreaths that I've been obsessed with making lately.  When Bill got home he was pleased with the progress and even joked about how it looked awesome in the living room, "just like a bachelor pad" I think were his exact words.

Tonight we'll be walking over more of our goodies.  Hopefully we can knock it all out quickly so I can get in a run.  Today I have a 3 miler on the schedule! :)  Preparing for my half in March!

I'm out!

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