Sunday, March 24, 2013


Well hello there!

Thanks for stopping by to read my about my many adventures as a wife, mom, and teacher.  Follow me on this wild ride through life!

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Amy and I live in Oklahoma with my husband and our toddler son. 

I'm an elementary school teacher/circus performer during the day and an amateur runner/cyclist/zumba-er/R.I.P.P.E.D-er in the evenings.  I've recently ditched the crap-food and taken control of my health.  I've lost 20 pounds since the start of my journey four months ago.  My goal is another 30.  You'll be able to follow my progress here.

The picture on the left is the week I delivered.  I was 192 lbs.  The picture on the right is from my trip to LasVegas with my husband a month ago.  I was 159 lbs then.  I'm only 5' 4'' so you can see every pound all over this bod.  Yowza!  It's a work in progress and I'm proud of what I've accomplished so far.
I know you'll enjoy all my randomness.  If you're a teacher I hope you'll find helpful information from the book reviews I'll post and from the stories I'll share about my first six years as an educator.

Here is a picture from my classroom.  I have six large windows.  AWESOME for natural light...not awesome if you have to hide from an intruder (not that we have had to, or will have to, just need to be prepared).  So over Spring Break our GMT staff hooked a girl up.  Now we won't be looking out the window and randomly commenting on the weather, students going to the library or dogs loose on campus.  I'll be able to teach with a few less interruptions! Whoop!

If you've been a mom of a toddler I know you'll laugh with me when I tell you about the crazy things my son does.  He's only two months away from that second birthday.  It's about to get really interesting!

I post a lot of random pictures on istagram.  You can follow me there if you wish! @talbertamy

There are several bloggers that I've been stalking reading for the last year or so.  Check them out!

Mama Laughlin is a tell is like it is Texas girl that has ran her way back to skinny after two kids.  She talks about all kinds of stuff and I always enjoy reading what she puts out there.  I think she's fabulous!

Skinny Meg is also from Texas and just so happens to be bff with Mama Laughlin.  I follow them both on instagram and keek.  They are so funny when they are together!  Skinny Meg has lost over 100 pounds and is all around amazing!  She loves all things pink and chevron, and it has totally rubbed off on me.

Happy reading and happy Sunday night!  I'm off to get ready to go back to work.  Womp, womp...11 days off was soooo niiiiice!

I'm out!
Mrs. T


  1. Yay Amy!!! I'm so excited you decided to start a blog!! And also good work on your weight loss journey!

  2. Thanks Samantha! I didn't know you had a blog! Looks like I've got some reading to do! :)