Thursday, March 28, 2013

Did That Really Just Happen?

This day seriously did a roundhouse to my face.  I'm not sure what I did to deserve it, but my word.  I promise I won't do it again.

I feel like I hit the ground running when I got up this morning.  I took care of a few chores, ran an errand, and then went to work.  I didn't slow down once I was there either.  I actually thought to myself at one point, "Man, you've got it going on today! Taking care of business."  Then it all went to pot after lunch.  Drama, drama.  No matter what you think teaching will be like, or what situations you think you're prepared for.  Let me just clue you in now.  You're not.  You get a foundation from your classes in college to build on, but you have to remember you're dealing with little people, little unpredictable people, and just when you think you've got a handle on this "teaching thing" and that you're "in your groove", they'll throw a curve ball at ya.  I was not even looking for or remotely expecting what was thrown at me today.  But like a champ I rolled with it, after chocolate and a vanilla Dr. P.  no judging.  you weren't there.  it was totally necessary. 

When I went to pick up Billy after school he was sick.  Running fever, puking, the works.  Poor baby.  Poor mommy.  I'm thankful for good friends and for my mommy that came by to help out.  Billy and I would be standing in a store pharmacy isle crying and sporting what remains of his lunch if it weren't for them. 

Now we're settling in to bed.  Billy is bathed, snuggled up by my side and is watching Curious George.  At least it's not trains.  I don't mind watching what he wants, but seeing the same thing 900 times is not my cup of tea.  He's content, fever free and sipping pedialyte.  I have the bed covered with towels, ya know, just in case.

Well enough with the gross talk.  I have a funny.  At school today our pencil sharpener finally kicked the bucket.  I think this is our third this year.  I'm not sure if it's because these sharpeners are not the best quality or if we're just working so hard we're blowing through the pencils and burning up the sharpeners.  Whatever the reason we needed a new one and we needed it pronto.  The office didn't have another electric one, so they sent over a new "old" one.  You know the kind that mount to a wall and you have to crank.  No big deal.  So when it was installed the kids were dumbfounded.  They couldn't believe it was a real sharpener and that it would actually work.  Silly 21st century kids. :)  I had to do a whole lesson on how to hold the pencil, crank the handle and how to empty the shavings.  You would have thought I was showing them the very first wheel ever invented for the very first time.  C'mon man!  I got quite a kick out of it.

I said I was going to talk about "the jacket" today, but I'm not.  It's a post all in itself and doesn't belong next to puke and pencil sharpeners.

I'll leave you with a little pic of Billy spread out on our couch this afternoon.  Love my bubs.  He's cute and sweet even when he doesn't feel good.

I'm out!

Mrs. T 


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