Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gym, Sweet Brown, and Laundry

After work yesterday I headed to the gym.  I was late (fail), not unusual but always annoying, and I couldn't find my hair rubber bands (fail).  You know my bag only has like eight pockets.  You'd think I'd have a few in there somewhere, but no.  So when I walked into the gym I remembered that some very sweet and thoughtful person put a basket of brand new hair rubber bands in the women's dressing room (score!).  So I be-bopped my way in there, twisted/braided up this business and headed into class.  Feeling like a million bucks I snuck in the back of the step class (oh, only 15 minutes late) to realize my girls did me right and saved a step (score!).  I hopped right on and joined in like I'd been there the entire time.  Then I noticed some girls didn't have steps, and there was an overwhelming case of sour puss face infecting most of the class (fail).  WTHeck happened before I got here?!  Was there a knock down, drag out over this last "saved" step?!  Did my girls have to fight for it?!  Where's the negativity coming from?!  Am I now the recipient of step hogging hate?!.....Well I didn't dwell too long.  I rocked it.  Not kidding.  I used to SUUUCK at step class.  I'd fall off, twist my ankle, stand and stare because I was so uncoordinated.  Then, one day, it clicked and it's not so hard anymore.  Trust me, the workout is still hard, I actually had sweat raining off of me when I bent over to retie my shoe.  Normally I would be all, "that's gross", but when I saw the drops I thought, "Ha!  That's cool!  I must be doing it right!"  It felt good, but the class vibe was off.  I hope they let all that funk air out today 'cause "ain't nobody got time fo dat!" LOVE Sweet Brown  

I didn't go to the gym today.  It could be that I was taking a rest day after I busted it out so hard in Barbell Blast last night after step, or it was because I just felt like hanging at home with my bebe.  We watched a little Triple T (Thomas The Train), his fav.  We watched actual trains go by our house, 4 to be exact.  Then we had a friendly visitor stop by that stayed long enough to eat my cooking, she's a brave soul.  Tonight I made spaghetti with angel hair pasta, ground turkey, low sodium/low fat/BIG taste spaghetti sauce, and a low calorie garlic bread.  For the bread I toasted my 100 calorie sandwich thins and spread a little margarine/garlic mixture all over. Yum!  It was pretty good.  Not one for Paula Deen's Books, but it worked for us.  I meant to take a picture, but it was pretty much gone when I thought of that.  whoops!

I guess that sums it up.  Oh, I wore pants on Sunday that I haven't been able to wear since 2008.  I wore another pair of pants yesterday that I can't even recall the last time I wore them and I tried on "the jacket" that I haven't sported since 2006.  I'll tell you all about "the jacket" tomorrow.  It's a cute story and explains why I still have it.

I'm out!
Mrs. T 

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